Welcome to FreeTime, Ltd. I'm Kellee, a Seattle-based freelance writer, blogger, editor, social media manager, and whatever-pays-the-billser. You probably want to hire me, which is fantastic. We can handle that over here.

I'm also a mother, (soon-to-be) wife, and all around groovy chick. For far too long, my groove has been left simmering on the back burner while my overinflated sense of obligation boiled over its front-burner pot. We're taking care of that over here.

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  • Book Reports, Speed Dating Style

    I usually like to write a little post to commemorate each book I read, but I’ve been reading through them pretty quickly these days and have a decent backlog of books to report on. No one wants to read that many book reports in quick succession, and I certainly don’t want to write them. So, […]

  • DIY: Natural Honey Face Wash

    Sometimes I smear honey on my face. Some people seem to believe this is a strange thing to do, but those people are wrong. It’s an amazing thing to do. Here’s why: Honey gently removes dirt and impurities from your skin without removing the skin’s natural oils. Honey has natural antibacterial properties that calm inflammation and […]

  • Reading Fiction: The First Bad Man

    My first exposure to Miranda July was her public art project, Learning to Love You More. The project included a number of “assignments” that anyone could complete – things like “Reread your favorite book from the 5th grade” and “Make a child’s outfit in an adult size” and “Photograph a scar and write about it.” Then […]