Welcome to FreeTime, Ltd. I'm Kellee, a Seattle-based freelance writer, blogger, editor, social media manager, and whatever-pays-the-billser. You probably want to hire me, which is fantastic. We can handle that over here.

I'm also a mother, (soon-to-be) wife, and all around groovy chick. For far too long, my groove has been left simmering on the back burner while my overinflated sense of obligation boiled over its front-burner pot. We're taking care of that over here.

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  • Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright

    When I was younger, my dad would invoke Bob Marley whenever I was upset about something. “Don’t worry… about a thing… ’cause every little thing… gonna be alright…” He would warble on and on in his less than admirable singing voice until I couldn’t help but crack a smile. I’m not sure what it was […]

  • From the Vault: An Earth Day Rant

    In an effort to gather all my writing in one place, I occasionally republish previous work here. Today seemed a good day to revisit this Earth Day post of yore. Originally published on April 22, 2010 at Green Legume.  April 22nd is Earth Day. Sadly I know many people who scoff at Earth Day; who […]

  • Shiny Thing: Hozier

    Normally, my “Shiny Things” posts happen on Fridays, and only if I’ve published a real post earlier in the week. But at the point you’ve gone six weeks without publishing a damn thing, there’s really no point to worrying about maintaining scheduling conventions. So, I present to you this week’s shiny thing (on a Monday): Hozier. […]