Welcome to FreeTime, Ltd. I'm Kellee, a Seattle-based freelance writer, blogger, editor, social media manager, and whatever-pays-the-billser. You probably want to hire me, which is fantastic. We can handle that over here.

I'm also a mother, (soon-to-be) wife, and all around groovy chick. For far too long, my groove has been left simmering on the back burner while my overinflated sense of obligation boiled over its front-burner pot. We're taking care of that over here.

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  • From the Vault: Squirrel!

    In an effort to collect all of my writing in one place, I will occasionally post previously published work here, under the heading “From the Vault.” This was a mostly stream-of-conscious little ditty I wrote after watching a squirrel nervously scamper around the fall chestnut bounty of my back yard.   One of my favorite […]

  • An Homage

    With Halloween fast approaching, I finally got around to donating the kids’ remaining outgrown costumes from years past. I don’t often form emotional attachments to possessions, but this lot has been hard for me to let go (as evidenced by just how many costumes I had available to donate). My mom hand-made each of these costumes […]

  • Shiny Thing: Leon Bridges

    This album is getting heavy play at our house these days. If you get him started, Josh will marvel at the way it was recorded and describe to you the little details you might miss like, for example, that “they killed absolutely no transients on those drums…” (I assume this has more to do with […]