An Homage

With Halloween fast approaching, I finally got around to donating the kids’ remaining outgrown costumes from years past. I don’t often form emotional attachments to possessions, but this lot has been hard for me to let go (as evidenced by just how many costumes I had available to donate). My mom hand-made each of these costumes for her grandsons (just like she did for me every year when I was a kid) so they were not to be parted with lightly. But saving them in an old plastic tub in the basement year after year didn’t seem like the best use of space–and they still all had plenty of trick-or-treat life left in them. So, new homes it was.

I used my local Buy Nothing group to find recipients for each costume, which made it feel more like handing down a treasured family heirloom to an old friend. And I dug up old pictures of (nearly) all of them, which I share with you here in homage:

Not shown: the cutest freaking skunk costume you’ve ever seen (because Riley wore it as a 14-month-old and that was so long ago it predates my digital camera ownership), plus some others that have either been repurposed or worn out over the years.

As hard as it was to part with each one of these, the thank-you emails and photos of excited new kids trying on our old costumes is just about the best thing ever.

Live long and prosper, old friends.

This post’s song: Seattle Afternoon by Reilly & Maloney

There was a lot of Reilly & Maloney happening in my house when I was young – one of my mom’s favorites. They just happen to sing a song about a mom who hand sews the Halloween costumes every year, and how they were always the best costumes around. (This isn’t that song, but the YouTube selection of old Reilly & Maloney songs is quite limited.)


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