Love at First Sight, an Excerpt

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“She stared at Ziller. He at her. They ┬ámodified each other by their looking. Something almost angelic danced on the abrasive surfaces of his face. She carried her excitement lightly, the way a hunter carries a loaded shotgun over a fence. Warm chemical yokes burst in their throats. Ziller had the stink of Pan about him. Amanda heard the phone ring in her womb. In the magnetized space between them they flew their thoughts like kites. At last he reached out for her. She took his hand. As they disappeared far down the riverbank, the ringmaster and the Apache sat, stunned, in the kind of vacuum that forms in the immediate wake of an historic turn.”

Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

I have read and reread this paragraph at least four times, partly because I like it and partly because my toddler keeps knocking my bookmark from my book.

If you’ve never read Tom Robbins, you should. Jitterbug Perfume is my favorite. My fiance recommends Still Life with Woodpecker and Another Roadside Attraction (quoted above), which I’m reading now.

A funny thing about Tom Robbins’ books: ask people which is their favorite, and they’ll almost always cite the one they read first. The man hooks you from the first read, he does.

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